Type: Standing Committee

Authority: Advisory to Vice President for Academic Affairs


  • Meets during the academic year,as needed.
  • Distribute an agenda prior to each meeting (Director of Curriculum)
  • Keep minutes of all meetings. (Director of Curriculum)
  • Keep an archive of all meeting minutes. (Director of Curriculum)
  • Make recommendations on all changes, additions, and, or deletions to the curriculum.
  • Make recommendations on any curricular policy changes.
  • Take other action as requested by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Committee Structure:

  • Director of Curriculum, Chair*
  • Representative from Records*
  • Representative from Library*
  • Representative from Banner/Records*
  • Nursing faculty(1)
  • Math/Science (2)
  • Allied Health/CIS (2)
  • Communication/Humanities (2)
  • Social/Behavioral (1)
  • Learning Support Reading/Writing
  • Learning Suport Math
  • Business/Industry (1)