Student Aid and Awards

Type: Standing Committee

Authority: Advisory to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and decision-making, based upon TBR and JSCC policies.


  • Meets each term, including the summer term. The Chair may call additional meetings as needed.
  • Distribute an agenda prior to each meeting.
  • Keep minutes of all meetings.
  • Submit minutes of each meeting to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for use in case of appeals. Minutes are sent to the library by the Academic Affairs Office at the end of the following academic year to be archived.
  • Sets policy guidelines for the federal, state, and institutional financial aid program.
  • Consider student appeals.
  • Reviews student aid policies to assure they are reflected in optional procedures.
  • Deals with special problems regarding financial aid.
  • Approves institution and foundation based awards.

Committee Structure

  • Minimum of  two (2) faculty members – can either be 12-month faculty members of 9-month who are teaching during the summer.  (Even Year / Odd Year)
  • One representative from BUS/CIS/IT or Allied Health (Alternate Even years)
  • One representative from Nursing (Odd year)
  • One representative from Communication and Humanities (Even year)
  • One representative from Math & Natural Sciences or Social & Behavioral Sciences (Alternate Odd year)
  • One representative from Faculty Council (Annually)
  • One student representative (Optional) (Annually)
  • Permanent member – Financial Aid Director – Chair
  • Permanent Member – Counseling Staff Permanent Member – Dean of Students