Assessment of Administrators

Type: Standing Committee
Authority: Advisory to Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Student Services, and Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs


  • Develop, update, and administer a program for college personnel to evaluate JSCC administrators.
  • "Program" includes the instrument and process.
  • "College personnel" includes faculty, administrators, professional and technical staff, and classified staff.
  • "JSCC administrators" includes department heads, directors, deans, vice presidents and president.
  • Submit a completed, composite report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The report will be presented in a factual manner, avoiding any hint of innuendo, commentary and/or personal bias
  • Upon authorization by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, release the report(s) as appropriate (see process below).
  • Provide composite results to college personnel-at-large.
  • Distribute an agenda prior to each meeting.
  • Keep minutes of all meetings, including members present and absent, visitors, resolution of old business, new business, and actions taken.
  • Submit minutes of each meeting to the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the end of each meeting to be archived.
  • Ex-Officio Member:
  • Acts as a consultant and assistant to the process.
  • Generates statistical analysis using the process as follows:
  • Members of the Committee will collect the completed survey bubble sheets and deliver them to the Office of Institutional Technology (OIT)
  • OIT will scan and load the bubble sheets into an SPSS file.
  • OIT will transmit the loaded SPSS data file to the Institutional Effectiveness Director (IED) electronically, on disk or on CD.
  • The IED will:
  • Run descriptive statistics on the current data to generate the composite report of means and standard deviations.
  • Run a comparison of current data statistics to the statistics from prior years.
  • Use appropriate statistical tests to test for significance on any observed changes.
  • Sort the data and statistics electronically by administrator to generate and print the individual reports. Any significant changes for a particular administrator will be noted on that individualized report only.
  • Provide the composite report to the committee.
  • Present a verbal briefing on the most significant changes to the Committee members.
  • Distribute the individualized reports only to individual administrators who are evaluated.

Assessment of Administrators Committee Committee Structure:

  • One representative from Business/CIS/ IT or Allied Health (Alternate Even years)
  • One representative from Nursing (Odd year)
  • One representative from Communication and Humanities (Even year)
  • One representative from Math and Natural Sciences or Social and Behavioral Sciences (Alternate Odd years)
  • One representative from Classified staff (Even year)
  • One representative from Pro / Tech staff (Odd year)
  • One representative from the Faculty Council (Annually)
  • One representative from Financial and Administrative Affairs (Even year)
  • One representative from Student Services (Odd year)
  • One student representative (Optional) (Annually)
  • Permanent member – Institutional Effectiveness Director
  • Permanent member – OIT Representative