Exit Testing

General Education Exit Exam Instructions

Congratulations on your candidacy for graduation! As you are aware, in order to receive a degree every student must satisfy certain requirements as outlined in the college catalog under “Academic Programs.” These requirements include successful completion of a minimum number of courses within your program of study, completing and filing a graduation proposal, and sitting for the general education examination and, if applicable, specified program exit examinations.

Note: Business Studies and Industrial Technology graduates should contact the Office of Business and Industry at 731.425.2632 to schedule a time to take the Career Exit Exam for your major. Computer Information Systems graduates should contact Stacey Hendren at 731.424.3520 Ext. 50257 to schedule your Career Exit Exam.

Exit Testing Directions

In order to complete degree requirements, students must take the Proficiency Profile Exam. (Some students may be exempt if you have graduated previously from a TBR or UT System school, but you MUST notify the Office of Institutional Research and Accountability at 731.425.2638 or atodd22@jscc.edu (so that we can verify your exemption.)

The Proficiency Profile Exam (Exit) is being administered unproctored by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

Students must sign up for the Exit Exam on the Online Testing Registration website Upon registration, students will receive a confirmation email with the ETS instructions attached.

It is important for the student to read and follow the ETS instructions before they can take the exam.

Sample Questions