Student Responsibilities

All Jackson State students are responsible for obtaining a Jackson State Catalog and Student Handbook and are held accountable for being familiar with its contents including all dates, policies, processes, and guidelines.

Students are responsible and held accountable for knowing and complying with the dates and policies regarding (but not limited to):

  • Providing appropriate test scores and transcripts for admission to the college in a timely manner
  • Financial Aid status
  • Registration
  • Fee payment deadlines
  • Registration Confirmation - The student also is responsible for confirming his/her intent to attend the classes for which they have registered by paying fees or authorizing the application of financial aid or third-party resources toward payment of fees on or before the term's last day to pay, as published in the catalog, semester class schedule and on the website.
  • Last day to add a course each term
  • Last day to drop a course each term
  • Last day to withdraw from classes each term
  • Parking and ticketing policy
  • Obtaining a student I.D. card, carrying it at all times and validating it each semester
  • Appeals process (Financial Aid Suspension, Academic Suspension, Grade Appeal, Parking Tickets, Refunds, Late Withdrawals, etc.)
  • Submitting graduation proposals
  • Supplying current address and phone numbers to the Records Office or submitting them online
  • Using their JSCC e-mail account to receive important communication from the college and are responsible for communicating with instructors regarding progress and attendance
  • Using their JSCC student account to view grades, unofficial transcripts, payment history, etc
  • Making and keeping appointments with their assigned faculty advisors
  • Knowing program application deadlines and requirements (Nursing and Allied Health programs)
  • Knowing all the graduation requirements for their major
  • If a student is planning to transfer to another college or university, he/she needs to know the requirements for graduation at that school and select courses at Jackson State accordingly.
  • Students are responsible for their own learning and success.

There are many support resources available to Jackson State students and students are responsible for making use of these. All above referenced dates, policies and processes are available in the current college catalog and student handbook. The catalog can be found online at www.jscc.edu or in print at any J.S.C.C. campus or center.